Seeing Blankers

Posted in Books by NAN on 2009/11/22

It’s hard not to gallop through prose that uses commas instead of full stops, but once I learned to slow down, the rewards piled up: his sound, sweet humour, his startling imagination, his admirable dogs and lovers, the subtle, honest workings of his mind. Here indeed was a novelist worthy of a reader’s trust. So at last I could read his great book – or his greatest until its sequel.

Ursula K Le Guin on Jose Saramago’s Seeing, which I recently finished after swapping it with Blindness eons ago, the same woman (Julianne Moore above in Fernando Meirelles’ movie adaptation) who didn’t lose her vision now absurdly accused of an anti-state conspiracy, a massive blank voting in the city elections, a slower read as you watch his devices unfurl in reverse, but just as amazing.


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