Caffeine Jolt Jazz

Posted in Photos by NAN on 2009/10/16

Until recently, I don’t really remember coffee working as an upper for me. My paternal grandma always brewed kapeng barako in the morning, and sometimes we put it on rice with bits of daing. But just because they thought it’d encourage us to eat. My maternal grandma always had Nescafe on the breakfast table, and we always had it as kape-gatas. But just because nothing goes better with pandesal. There was a time I downed mugs after mugs during hell weeks in college. But just because that’s how they say you survive it. I actually once used that insulated mug for the workplace and prepared 3-in-1’s via the hot water dispenser. But just because everybody else did it supposedly to stimulate thinking. The wonderful thing is, I think it’s now working. When after lunches make me dizzy, I reach for a cup–brewed or what, decaf or not–I actually lose the sleepies. Maybe it’s all psychological. Or that one ornately handled stainless thing–sized between a spoon and a teaspoon. I’ve never found anything like it to stir my coffee.


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