Brüno: “funny film pero BASTOS”

Posted in Movies by NAN on 2009/09/06

I don’t even know why I gave Borat a chance at the moviehouse. I’m one of the most picky viewer you’ll know coz I’d rather download it. But turned out it wasn’t a bad decision to pay. A new thing to stir the mainstream and to ruffle some feathers here and there. A movie that pisses people off are, to me, more interesting. I was that some actually got pissed. So I laughed at the Jew cockroaches. So what? Sacha Baron Cohen et al give a follow-up to their first hilarious mockumentary in Bruno. Dangerous ground 1) to follow a similar formula coz people are bound to compare and the trick won’t be as new and 2) to represent the gays (read: plural). But I laughed although not as much, and I don’t see the gays calling this “foul.” Not bad at all the second time around, I think Sacha one again succeeds in laying bare the accepted for reinterrogation. What is fashion? What is fame? And to what extent do people become laughable to attain these fuckeries? Like what this cinema in Cebu City says, as snapped by my friend Eirene, “funny film pero BASTOS,” and that exactly why I loved it. Particularly the BASTOS part, in ALL CAPS.


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  1. Clair said, on 2009/09/17 at 9:14 AM

    I actually saw some clips while some friends were watching the download of the movie and it looked funny but disturbing.XD I want to watch it with some friends on a big tv so we could all laugh together and it’s less disturbing that way to me. XD

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