Robert and a Red Horse

Posted in Photos by NAN on 2009/09/03

The first thing that actually happened to me that night at Cubao X was get lost. There was just to much happening: a stage was rocking, I had to do my job, designer friends were somewhere else, and I had to pee. So after the loo, I went back to the biggest stage,  the place where I’m bound to find at least one of those people. When somebody from behind locked my arms and flung me violently left and right, like I was an instant fratboy hostage captured off-guard. Or could it be a random, drunk dopehead tripping on me of all those people? Well, sort of, at least the looks qualify except the “tripping” part. It was Robert from my former work, strung on a Happy Horse, wearing this multi-neoned skull print on his shirt. He, with his dreadlocks, was one of my most favorite subjects from before, a graphic designer with robot hands. You should have seen him with all the weird-ass android contraption after an accident that hurt his arm, steel-wired inside but now back to work.


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  1. Maria Rosario Briones said, on 2009/09/04 at 2:20 PM

    kamukha mo si jay ng kamikazee. hehehe!

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