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Posted in Photos by NAN on 2009/08/19

I haven’t been taking better photos lately, which was the entire point of my project 365 last year, so I’m actually thinking of doing it again in a lighter dose. This shot here actually reminds me of how I started shooting with my D40, something I got because I thoroughly enjoyed shooting film with my EOS66 but spent too much on processing. Nothing so extraordinary, but it challenged me to just keep on shooting because it was fun and sometimes rewarding. This was a Thursday/Friday midnight at Cubao X during the Cubao Experience leg of Manila Design Week 2009. I was jamming with the same guys around when I got the Nikon bargain, those bottles on the sidewalk the amount of beer they have downed before I arrived. Yeah, this is first in a little series from that night. Because maybe I just have to guzz it all out.


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  1. paoruiz said, on 2009/08/20 at 10:49 PM

    the photo says a lot about the event. =D lupit ng crowd nun. =)

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