Sucking at Life

Posted in Books, Movies by NAN on 2009/04/20

I was always rummaging at the Riverbanks DVD tiangge almost every week when I saw this movie which attracted me because of its Sideways-like poster. True enough, it fell in my little mind drawer that includes The Squid and the Whale, I ♥ Huckabees, and Igby Goes Down. I didn’t know then that this was based on a book nor did I really read books outside of class. But when I saw the paperback on a Powerbooks warehouse sale, I knew it wasn’t a bad bargain. Fast forward to this recent Lent, I picked it up from the shelf for ROYB during the break, and regretted why I didn’t open it earlier; it was still wrapped in shop plastic!

To ignore the adaptation dilemma, I wanna be unjust and say the books is way better. While the movie already helped me to imagine the entire scenario, the book is full of details and episodes that really won’t fit in the movie. Or did I just forget? I think his relationship with his dentist Perry Lyman (Keanu Reeves) was much more profound. I don’t remember the Mormon conversion escapades. Nor can I visualise the alcoholic Willy Lindt’s boat cabin. There was definitely more sex and doping, and Justin’s oral obsessiveness was more justified with what’s constantly going on in his mind.

Once, Justin “saved” a baby from a weed-dealing couple, but the moment it was breathing fresh air in Willy’s cabin, it just froze. It wouldn’t budge until it sensed MJ smoke again. “The thing to remember,” the old man said “was that we didn’t start this mess, now did we?…We got here in the middle. It’s not our fault.” I think that was crucial against all the intervention to Justin’s oral fixation. All the problem-solving fucked him up more. With that, I’m solved. All I need now is the accompanying photo book to establish my fandom. *looks for the DVD*


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