Golden Kiss

Posted in Photos by NAN on 2009/03/18

And then of course there’s the expected “Aaaww.” when old couples kiss–what we accept to be the testament of enduring love in marriages. It was a different picture when I happened to pass by the former Finale art gallery at Megamall the other week. An old couple, probably marking their golden wedding anniversary, is kissing instead of posing upfront for a typical portrait painting. Their expressions are more photographic–capturable only in a quick snap–than something which a painter can contemplate and appropriate. And when you try to read their expressions, there is something ambiguous, a kind of discomfort on the woman’s face. Did she forget how it is to be kissed? Is it shame for doing it in public? Then you’ll notice her husband’s hands lodged on her shoulders by the neck. What appears to be a usual snapshot turns out to be a strange visual experience. This gallery may have a new name, but it still hasn’t disappointed me with its choices. Seeing a huge Arturo Luz painting at the backroom was a bonus.


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  1. carla said, on 2009/03/18 at 10:11 PM

    waiting for your i love carla photo!
    thanks in advance =)

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