Could Have Been Milyonaryong Skwater

Posted in Movies by NAN on 2009/01/09
Slumdog Millionaire Mahal Kita, Final Answer Movie Posters

Mahal Kita, Final Answer (2002) and Slumdog Millionaire (2008) Movie Posters.

What I was thinking while watching Slumdog Millionaire–how come I haven’t seen anything this gorgeous from local producers when it’s our story? Our people live in the same slums that rival the notoriety of Slumdog’s Mumbai. We have the same call centers with better accents. We make our best guesses with the contestants of GAME K N B? everyday. We bawl at the most tragic and mushiest stories in Maalaala Mo Kaya every Friday. We have our sing and dance carnivals on TV every Sunday. How come we’re so good at imitations, but we scrimp on quality when making our own movies?

Much earlier than Slumdog, we already had Rufa Mae Quinto and Bong Revilla, Jr. in a movie inspired by Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? but people have forgotten it. We may have a different mode of filmmaking, but I don’t think that’s an oblivious style. Maybe we just have to do it better.

Maybe it’s time to give up our gorgeous love teams who can’t act. Maybe it’s time to prioritize production design over product placements. Maybe it’s time to realize that beautiful movies sell themselves. Hollywood has taken our stories; why can’t we tell them ourselves about our heedless MMDA officers confiscating the goods of our sidewalk vendors, our noon game shows being rigged right before our eyes, our call centers fucking up our sleeping habits. Why can’t we save our own slum bitches?


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  1. Hider said, on 2009/03/15 at 11:58 AM

    I’ve noticed in the Filipino filmmaking industry, directors and writers come out looking lazy. They aren’t being creative enough and don’t put all their heart in making a good production. Although they feel their movies are good enough to be nominated for the Oscars HAHAHA. Ridiculous. In the Philippines, they only want to use actors that havemore international already made names for themselves. Its rare for me to see a new actor in a “good” film. If the film industry in the Philippines want to see themselves more internationally, they’re going to have to put more work into their movies/shows.

    • nan said, on 2009/03/15 at 1:52 PM

      Well, there are a bunch of good filmmakers too. Some guys in the indie circuit have been successful in doing what you wish for above. What I lament is the incapacity of mainstream prod houses to give us something new and lasting. Like you said, they have to put more work into it, but it’s disgusting that they refuse to because they earn anyway. Exploitative di ba?

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