The Burned Bush

Posted in Photos by NAN on 2012/05/08

Rosemarilyn Reynes

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It was like the thumping on my chest

Posted in Writing by NAN on 2012/05/06

was my own nervousness as the bass beat through its source, a black wooden box, its metal mesh, the thick summer air, my beat-up couch, and finally, my chest, caging the little beating organ, which made its own music. In the Pacific, scientists discovered a fish that showed what’s inside its head, glowing like an electric orb 2,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, caging its green eyes that filtered whatever reaching light. Was I being unconscious prey to something that, when the bass pounded fast, I thought it was my heart that sent a rush of panic, a second that bared my chest transparent?

Laughing Gas

Posted in Photos by NAN on 2012/05/06

Dex Fernandez

They say that people dream

Posted in Writing by NAN on 2012/05/05

of this same man, at the beginning of the month, in theories named God, or an amorphous figure whose face appear as one in separate minds, or a seeded concept from some big company wanting to sell something. I remember this painter who painted nothing else but white lace, draped at the end of a clothesline, rummaged out of a carton box, scarfing a lady and many, many children beneath her. She might have seen it, a glimpse of that one thread, a vision of one fine filament, woven and draped over all our heads, conjuring a million shapes that might as well have been an eye, a nose, a mouth.

Trash Tongue Talker

Posted in Photos by NAN on 2012/05/04

Petra Magno